Hi! Welcome, this is a tumblr about music, movies and tv shows, which are a lot by the way, but mostly this is a place where I can be who I want to be, so sometimes I don't follow exactly what it says here, because I'm not the same person everyday, so if you have any questions just ask, I'll answer you, in portuguese or english

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scotty’s face really sums it up

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Proof of the Pythagoras Theorem.

My math teacher showed us this in 8th grade and I thought I’d seen god

shit math guys. never thought any would make it to my blog

but thIS 

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Film Meme : (3/4) Genres - Musical

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o shit

setting the record straight

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The Walking Dead caps meme emotions [part 3] ; happiness  joy

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Anos depois do lançamento do curta, o diretor Daniel Ribeiro entra no set para filmar ‘Todas as Coisas mais Simples’, seu primeiro longa. A história é inspirada no curta: um estudante cego apaixona-se por seu novo colega de classe. /

/ Years after releasing the short film “I Don’t Want to go Back Alone”, director Daniel Ribeiro shoots “Todas as coisas mais simples”, his first feature. The story is inspired on the short film: a blind teenager falls in love with his classmate. 

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the fbi will never catch me


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